Nathaniel Dominy VII Dies

In the division of property after Nathaniel Dominy V’s death in 1852, Felix and Nathaniel VII each received equal portions of the woodworking and metalworking tools. Felix transferred his share to Nathaniel VII, who continued to use the tools for watch and clock repair and woodworking on a limited basis. He supplemented his income by contracting to make boats for the US Life Saving Service (founded in 1878); serving as a “surfman” for the service (running rescue skiffs into the surf to aid vessels that had run aground); operating the Hook grist mill; renting family-owned farmland; and working as town assessor. The acknowledged “authority upon…old time town affairs,” according to his 1910 obituary, his interest in, and knowledge of, family and local history perhaps provided an inducement for keeping the house and shops intact.