Shop Chair

This slat-back side chair was probably made by Nathaniel Dominy IV shortly after the construction of the clock shop in 1797/1798. It was used at the benches and lathe because the painstaking and time-consuming work involved in making parts for clocks or repairing watches required that craftsmen performing these crafts be seated. Tools used to make this chair included turning gouges and chisels, marking gauge, mortise chisel, fore plane, short jointer plane, spokeshave, tenon saw, brace, tenon bits, mallet, and hammer.


Side chair, Nathaniel Dominy IV (maker), ca.1800. Maple, soft; Pine, white; Hickory. 30" (H), 19.125" (W), 15.25" (D). Museum purchase from Nathaniel M. Dominy, 1957.0084.067