Watch Spring Winders

These winders were used by watchmakers to coil the mainspring of a watch in order to fit it into its barrel. From the number of times the letters "MS" were entered in the Dominys' register of watch repairs, it is evident that the craftsmen must have used these winders frequently. A toothed wheel, brake lever, and spring pressing against the lever prevented the spring's sudden unwinding once it had been wound and coiled tight. The dogwood handle of this iron tool is probably a replacement made by Felix Doniny.

Watch spring winder (right), England, Felix Dominy (purchaser/user), 1817-1835. Iron; Brass; Ebony. 3.75" (L). Museum purchase,  1963.0156.114

Watch spring winder (left), Nathaniel Dominy IV (maker or purchaser), 1770-1812. Iron; Dogwood handle, Felix Dominy replacement. 5 1/4" (L). Museum purchase from Nathaniel M. Dominy, 1957.0084.060.